Our club files are stored in an electronic system called DropBox. To know more about dropbox, I have added a short video below about what DropBox is and how it basically works. There are many more tuitional videos on youtube if you wish to know more.

If you wish to be able to administer or view files you will need to follow the instructions here.  you click this link >>>

First… If you click this link >>> DOWNLOAD DROPBOX HERE <<< you can sign up for FREE and also download the program to your PC, Mac etc and you can also have the system on your mobile/tablet. You can have this as ONLINE only or you can proceed to DOWNLOAD the application to your desktop/laptop/tablet etc. Once you have installed this software, proceed below to confirm your preference to the files you wish to be part of.

Our Files are in directories such as:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Webmaster
  • Youth Liaison Group
  • Admin Committee
    • Sub Directory One
    • Sub Directory Two
  • Projects Committee
    • Sub Directory One
    • Sub Directory Two
  • Treasurer

These directories are open to change, but they are set up as the above structure until further notice.

As an example, the President will have access to the President file and the Secretary will have access to the Secretary file etc, with the other files, the chairperson will have access to the main file/directory and we can have access arranged for others to view as needed on a read-only basis accordingly. Only those who need to Add or Amend the files, need FULL access. After each presidential year, we can remove the admin/access as required.

Please submit your request to the files you need. (once you have downloaded and signed up to DropBox) – Remember, you should only have admin/full access if you are a main administrator. The default access should be ‘Read-Only’