Social Media A Little Story!

A Social Media Story for you

So – why use social media and what benefits will it have for us?

For those of you who think it doesn’t work and why should we bother, the Dartmouth Young Photographer competition took place over the last month and as a trial I decided to place the images on a facebook page. The images ranged from the young and the old and I invited the public to visit and like the images.

One or two people shared the page and requested that their FRIENDS like photos etc and the page got great coverage!… (here are some of the shots!) – MORE on our FB page

Young Photographer

So – what happened in the fortnight or three weeks leading up to the event? Well, the image below speaks for itself really! But as you can see from the period of 13th Oct to the 9th Nov there were over 4000 reach’s (ie showed on people’s pages) and there were over 8000 engagements, so that is discussions, likes, shares etc.


The most visited page was the results… (as you can see below)



So, what can we do to make this work more for us?

Embrace Social Media

Social media is here to stay. The best thing is, its FREE and we can get out messages across FREE!

Engage in Social Media

Try and look at our events that are on it more, like the posts, share the posts and comment on them to get even more exposure.

Don’t be scared of it

It won’t bite you… You can restrict the people you interact with, you can keep your privacy settings locked down, and you can use it to do what you want as much or as little as you want!

At the bottom on the right-hand side of this site, are 3 links… these are links to the 3 pages that Dartmouth Rotary have on Facebook, check them out… sign up to a FaceBook account. See what the Social Media world has to offer. (have fun, and remember… you can’t break it!)